TMC (The Master’s Creations’) is a faith based, whole sale and retail, company / ministry, established in February, 2006.

TMC’s intent is to design and manufacture its’ own unique Christian/Inspirational, and contemporary, designer apparel we called: JCU (Jesus Christ Unlimited)TMC’s customized tee-shirt(s) shopping allows customer(s) the ability to choose their own style, size and color, for the ‘You create it, we make it’ creations shopping experience from JCU’s variety of choices.

TMC’s vision for “The Ministry of Reconciliation” uses scriptures from the Holy Bible, alongside its’ founder’s poetry writings, quotes/positive affirmations, to create all its’ products and services. TMC “Buy it Frame it, Hang it,” is a collection of beautifully designed posters/ pictures, books, together with our Big /Small Epistles Messenger Cards, and Designer Paper we call Ink, Paper, Scissors are Made in America and created exclusively for TMC’s product(s)/services line.

TMC “Speaking Words of Life” features founders’ award winning, life changing, powerfully performed, uniquely creative videos, show casing Christian/Inspirational and Real Life poetry reading services, were created for TMC’sMinistry of Reconciliation”.

All TMC products and services were born out of our mission of becoming the bridge that brings individuals together with resources. (TMC) The Master’s Creations intents to financially support and assist individual churches, ministries and community service organizations to provide less fortunate families/youth(s) with food, shelter, clothing, job training/job coaching, coupled with employment opportunities to help equip these individuals with the bare essentials needed, to flourish in today’s economy, these simple things can equals their success.  TMC is concerned about any community of persons, who have lost hope, because where there is an absence of hope, we will continue to see a lack of concern for life. TMC is dedicated in its’ quest to cover this world with The Word of God and positive affirmations, by becoming human billboards projecting and reflecting The Grace of God that gives hope for everyone. TMC strongly believes that if we become lights illuminating the darkness of hopelessness, by becoming The Hands, Feet and Heart of God by meeting others poverty with provision; we will see a lot of the problems we find ourselves faced with today, being solved.

TMC will donate up to 50% of all proceeds from product sales and services to support its’ ministry collaborative efforts, and for your partnering with (TMC) you are simply shopping with us and allowing our merchandise to be sold in your retail stores, businesses, churches, and Christian/public schools, or by your individual purchase of products. This will ensure success for TMC’sMinistry of Reconciliation”. The foundation of TMC beliefs and efforts were born out of love, empathy, and concern for our fellow man, women and child. TMC desires to be a beacon of love, hope, and peace in a world that sometimes feels unloving, hopeless, chaotic, and divided. TMC intends to uplift, encourage, empower, and inspirer individuals in every community, all over this world, until our world is reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ. As Ministers of Reconciliation and Children of God, It is our hope that you too will catch our vision and become “Ministers of Reconciliation Partners” with TMC in Love.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Sincerely yours,

(TMC) The Master’s Creations

God is pleased as we work together in Jesus Christ





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